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Here at Concierge Compliance our goal is to assist organizations in developing a facility specific program that compliments an individual facility's resources and focuses on organizational culture to enhance program implementation. If we can achieve this then the results are lasting compliance, program implementation and continuous improvement. We can help facility's achieve this by focusing on developing a program that is both structured and unique; catered specifically for each facility. 

The bad news is that there are no shortcuts on the path to program implementation, but with the assistance of your very own personal and experienced concierge, the journey to compliance will be significantly easier and extremely convenient. Our goal is to be your personal concierge that can be relied upon to provide service that is second to none. If we cannot provide the services needed, we will facilitate locating and acquiring a group that can.

We have a simple approach to compliance. We will not provide your facility with anything that you do not need. 


Our methodology is simple; understand your facility's needs, through discussions and assessments, then develop a plan that is actionable with your current resource availability. We will not place you into a program that works for us. Instead we build a program around your needs, that works with you and for you.  

Concierge Compliance

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