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Traditional Services

Full PSM/RMP Program development (State Programs included) 

Management of Change/ PSSR


Incident Investigations 


Process Hazard Analysis and Assessments


RMP submittals


Written Procedure development (SOPs & MIPs) 


Mechanical Integrity Inspections


Audits - Compliance, RAGAGEP (IIAR 9), written Procedures 


Training (Refrigeration & Compliance comprehension)

Compliance Packages:

Bronze- unlimited remote hours to assist organizations with all PSM/RMP related work. - as low as $25,000 Annually

Noir - Unlimited Remote hours to assist organizations with all PSM/RMP related work. One, full work week site visit included in total cost. - as low as $30,000 Annually

Concierge - Unlimited remote hours to assist organization with all PSM/RMP related work. Incorporation of cloud services for real time PSM/RMP assistance and development. Quarterly facility site visits, one week per site visit, to assist with implementation and all other PSM/RMP needs included total cost. - as low as $45,000 Annually 

Additional arrangements and/ or rates can be accommodated. Contact us with additional questions or for greater detail. 

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